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A 10-Point Plan for Bitcoins (Without Being Overwhelmed)

The Fascinating And Meteoric Rise Of Bitcoin Prices

Unless you call a cave home, chances are you have heard of Bitcoins. Satoshi Nakamoto was the man behind the creation of Bitcoins and, to put it simply, it is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment system. If you’re after learning a lot more about this tech and financial phenomenon that has grabbed the attention of people in pretty much every country, and you furthermore want to know more about the meteoric rise of Bitcoin prices, then read on because this article will teach you plenty. You’ll learn why companies like Sii Global Intelligent Bitcoin Investment Service put their trust in this currency.

Bitcoin is a software-based currency that was released to the general public several years ago, or 2009 to be exact. A network of developers, since Bitcoin’s release, have developed the currency’s improvements and updates. A portion of the funding involved in the development was provided by the Bitcoin Foundation.

Bitcoin began to gain plenty of steam as a trending topic in 2013. From 2011 up to 2012, the virtual currency saw its value rise up to 300 %. Since the middle of last year up to today, Bitcoin’s value rose to roughly 400%. Today, venture capital firms and investors located all over the globe are continuing to bet on this new currency.

During each of the first two quarters of 2014, venture capitalists firms were making investments that fell between 50 to 70 million $ in Bitcoin, making the total investment of the first half of 2014 over a hundred million dollars. You’ll see the meteoric rise of Bitcoin prices all the more if you compare this with what happened in 2012. As discussed, over $100 million was seen to be invested in the first two quarters alone of 2014, but, two years earlier, Bitcoin firms were just able to raise the significantly smaller amount of $2.2 million. Today, this cryptocurrency is still experiencing growth in the way users and merchants accept Bitcoin as a valid mode of payment.

How then, you may ask, can the average person invest in this? It’s now simpler than ever to buy this currency. Lots of established companies around the world are involved in the business of selling and buying Bitcoins. Companies like Sii Global Intelligent Bitcoin Investment Service are considered experts in this field.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is a huge deal right now. Plenty of trusted investors and venture capital firms are putting their faith into the theory that this currency is here to stay. It’s now very easy for normal folks to find many ways to buy and invest in Bitcoin.You might want to start investing in Bitcoin today.It could be the start of a new financial success story for you and your family.

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